Our Web & App Development Tools

Built on the back of your application lies Firebase. A global content delivery service provider backed by Google. This service will be the core component for your services your application will need behind the scenes. Services such as databases, server mechanics, web hosting, media delivery, account management and others will be built upon this platform.

This service is optimized for the future of the web. As a cloud technology, never worry about not being able to deliver services to your customers or promote your work at crutial times. Pay for what you use when you use it. There are no flat fees as with traditional dedicated servers or hosting platforms.

Mailgun, a reliable scalable and cloud based email provider, will be used for sending and receiving your email to your targets. Once you have that handy email registration list from Firebase, have the service create and send rich HTML and CSS emails for campaigns, notices, or even welcome messages! Individuals can set up inbound and outbound email provided a domain. Make it [email protected] or [email protected]

In addition to Firebase's analytic platform, you will have access to Google's analytic platform. Know where your user comes from, when they comes, how often they comes back and how long they stay. Using this easily integrated services will allow you to make smarter choices in your business decisions or just keep an eye out for curiosities sake. Track everything from in app purchases to email engagements.

Google Analytics, after launching in 2005, has become the most widely used web analytics platform service on the internet. This platform also hooks into Firebase, Google Play and other services to generate accurate readings on your app throughout services.

Bringing life, stability, and the front of your application to life. Adobe AIR allows your application to breathe life onto all major platforms. These include Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android phones and tablets. Optimized for display and taking true advantage of hardware accelerated graphics for 2D and 3D content. Your application will have the capabilities to be unique just as the 100,000+ applications published by developers that have built upon AIR have created.

Making your website or web app look professional and ready for all browsers, Boostrap will be used as a front end to manage your site. As a professionally written library by the developers at Twitter, this light framework will be responsible for making sure your web content is consistent and compatible with all modern browsers on desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

In this day in age, mobile device web browsing usage has surpassed desktop web browsing. Have your project converted or created to make sure that it is ready for the modern day.

Paypal, a trusted e-commerce payment solution around since 1998, is the way to go for any form of payment integration. From their offering of analytic and payment tracing service, their easy to use user interface, and their historic trust you should be using Paypal. Functions to integrate your next project with the most popular payment platform are at the ready.

Incorporate auto-payments without compromising personal information. Provide your customers with financing solutions. Notify users with order status and tracking information. Take advantage of low and microtransaction processing fees that rival other competitors.