Public Desktop (Alpha)

Change your everyday experience on your PC. Your operations faster with new features. Taking advantage of the latest, stable technologies.

Featuring group voice chat, a light web browser, personal page hosting and more. Compatible with Windows 7 and above.


Public Desktop is a project that plans to incorporate developers with everyday users. Use features that have been readily available without the hassle of managing them. Increase productivity and experience by incorporating features that run natively. Run extensions created by developers. Explore another user's Space hosted by them, for free. Incorporate your work into the most optimized platform that will always run faster than executable code from the web browser.

Native Features

Self Hosted Spaces

Your desktop is your space. Why not turn it into a place others can see? Traditional websites require you to have the software, a server, and knowledge of how to program it all to share basic web pages. Public Desktop, on the other hand, allows you to create and share your space with a few right clicks and some dragging and dropping. Your content will be hosted on your machine. Additionally, in the future, we will offer to host your space for a minimal price with additional support from your peers.

Direct Filesharing

Gone are the days of having to use a 3rd party service to transfer sensitive or everyday documents from one device to the other. Simply choose your file, choose the address and send. No file size limitations. Share with one or multiple devices across networks. One machine can even download parts of the file from multiple users for increased speed and distribution.

Text & Voice

A built-in, lightweight service that supports real-time communication between two or more devices on the network. Currently, the alpha runs a global chat service in which anyone online can take part in. Create and join voice-chat rooms with your friends for instant uninterrupted voice communication without the need for a server or a 3rd party to manage, compress or distort the audio.

3D Backgrounds in progress

In addition to spaces being able to contain backgrounds, you may choose to have something more interesting playing in the background. Gone are the boring, bland 2D background images. Experience a 3d moving background that interacts with you as you go through your day. The light-weight Away3D engine creates and processes a new, better experience for your desktop.

Lightweight Menu

Launch your applications with ease. Hook more of your favorite applications and documents to the local menu for quick access. A quick launch menu, located on the left of your desktop, will allow you to add, adjust and remove new and old programs.

Native Plugins planned

There will be an Application Programming Interface to allow developers to make native plugins for Public Desktop. Programs and plugins will be verified, optimized and become introduced to your desktop at the click of a button. Expect a library of new themes, new features and other capabilities not possible in any web browser.