A cross-platform storage application that lets you manage storage across devices and the web.

Featuring peer to peer file transfer, media streaming to devices, cloud storage and more.

In Development

Filestore (currently, Project Storage) is a universal application under development through the AIR framework. The project demonstrates the usage of Adobe AIR's cross-platform framework as well as Firebase's storage and real-time database.

Native Features

Video Streaming

I have personally had times where I have been unable to capture a video on my phone due to storage. This will change with Filestore. Not only will it support the uploading and transferring of files, but you will be able to stream. That means you will be able to record videos no matter what size your available storage on your device is. Have to catch that moment but already have other apps clogging up your storage? Record the moment while it's happening while the data transfers to your device or the cloud in the background. Record as long as you want instead of until you run out of storage.

Cloud Storage

Backed by Firebase's content delivery network, upload and save files anywhere on any device. Assign a folder for live transfer and sharing so that any file you add will automatically be distributed across devices. Your files are safe and stored redundantly. So you don't have to worry about the possibility of losing your files on the cloud.

Peer to Peer

Don't want to pay for storage? Use your own available storage on your devices. So long as the device is online (offline too for the Xfer plan) transfer your files from one location to another. Pool your devices into one giant batch of files without the need to manage them manually. Easily turn your PC, phone tablet and Mac into one giant self-owned cloud server.

Credit System

Storage services are offered in a unique way. Paying flat monthly fees for storage you aren't using doesn't make sense. Rather, have the opportunity to pay for what you use. Just want to store a bunch of photos that amount to 1GB? Be debited 5 cents a month. Uploads free. Downloads rated at 25c per GB transferred. For users that have a ton of files they want to store but rarely need to access this pays off well.


The application is currently a mear 2MB. The scripts it uses to operate are mostly handmade too so it isn't expected to grow that much. Since it is a storage application, it makes sense for it to be as compressed as possible.

Public Desktop Intigration

This will be integrated into Public Desktop when its API is complete. This will make it easier to access along with your other favorite content in Public Desktop. This includes the ability to share files between users.