Who am I?

I am quantomworks. I consider myself a full stack developer with a few twitter bots on the net.

I work on projects of my own ranging from web applications to 3d games. I’m inventive and unique in the fact that I pride myself in my flash development projects. In fact, Actionscript 3 is my favorite language. Being able to reach out across platforms using the same code is quite convenient. Using optimization in the right places can get you a well made project.

I started programming before and during highschool learning from people like TutVid and communities like flashkit. Now I hang around stackoverflow with knowledge of as3, php, sql, javascript, html, css, and a bit of java and c++. I can tell you, I have heard the term “flash is dead” since I started. It certainly hasn’t gone anywhere and I do wish people would get off that dead hype train and is it does hinder my market.

My other hobbies include gaming. I stream often on twitch.tv and upload clips to my youtube channel.

If you would like to hire me for some contracting work, I would love to feature your project on my site. I offer some reasonable rates for start-ups. I’m capable of planning and rolling out your entire project or I can work well in groups if you need an extra code monkey.

My email is sfxworks@gmail.com. Twitter @quantomworks. Enjoy your stay and live life well.

Elemental Blocks


Elemenal Blocks is my first 3D game under development. It’s a peer to peer mmo that is minecraft but adds a twist of the elements with block manipulation and new fighting mechanics.

Beginning in 2016, I started to develop a 3d game built on the Away 3D engine. I plan to aim for a whole world of people playing this. Using peer to peer, the clients will be able to communicate with themselves eliminating the need for a server. Among other things, I plan to include major world events, crazy fighting mechanics and an open window for developers to make addons and plugins for the game.

You can view a very basic demo of this project here.

Built Broken Studios

I have been tasked with working on a website owned by Built Broken Studios, a small software company based in Ohio, USA.

Several upgrades have been made by me and one of the designers. They feature a ton of software they have made including mods for one of my favorite games, Minecraft.

I am planning to complete this project as soon as possible. Afterwards, a small mobile app will be implemented that will hook into one of their mods! More on that soon 🙂

You can visit their current site at builtbroken.com

Project: NewsArch

Project: NewsArch (short for archive) is a news archival service that is under construction. It will captures popular headlines from multiple news sources hour after hour and displays them in an ordered timeline.

So many headlines have come and gone from google news. Our history books are of major, major events. I believe that every day events should go down in history as well so that we all have a better grasp of what is going on in the world. This will allow you to go back in time and see what was going on. Bookmarking and live monitoring will also be future features. This project should be completed before the end of June.

You can view all the headlines the server has fetched so far in no particular order here.

Project: Desktop


Project: Desktop is a work in progress application for your desktop.

A small project started in early 2015, it is a program that focuses on bringing the internet to your desktop without using a browser as a gateway. It’s current features include a 3d background (with a public repository of backgrounds coming soon), global chat, group voice chat, file sharing between pcs and Space creation. Spaces are just like websites except you don’t have to code them. You just drag and drop your images, text, and videos into your space and pass your public ID to your friend or the net!

Not all features currently work. If you run into trouble, please report it to my github in a post detailing the version and a description of your problem.

Download the current version, (2.0.2) for Windows.