Who am I?

I am quantomworks. I consider myself a full stack developer with a few twitter bots on the net.

I work on projects of my own ranging from web applications to 3d games. I’m inventive and unique in the fact that I pride myself in my flash development projects. In fact, Actionscript 3 is my favorite language. Being able to reach out across platforms using the same code is quite convenient. Using optimization in the right places can get you a well made project.

I started programming before and during highschool¬†learning from people like TutVid¬†and communities like flashkit. Now I hang around stackoverflow with knowledge of as3, php, sql, javascript, html, css, and a bit of java and c++. I can tell you, I have heard the term “flash is dead” since I started. It certainly hasn’t gone anywhere and I do wish people would get off that dead hype train and is it does hinder my market.

My other hobbies include gaming. I stream often on twitch.tv and upload clips to my youtube channel.

If you would like to hire me for some contracting work, I would love to feature your project on my site. I offer some reasonable rates for start-ups. I’m capable of planning and rolling out your entire project or I can work well in groups if you need an extra code monkey.

My email is sfxworks@gmail.com. Twitter @quantomworks. Enjoy your stay and live life well.

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