What is Quantum Logic?

Developing in gear towards new, stable, and advanced enterprise technologies.

Working on projects that are built for the future. Geared for growth and stability on reliable infrastructure. Building projects as if they were cities, not small houses with empty rooms.  Taking advantage of the latest technologies to promote growth, expansion and freedom. All at a well scaled price.

I work on projects of my own ranging from web applications to 3d games. I’m inventive and unique in the fact that I pride myself in my Flash development projects. In fact, Actionscript 3 is my favorite language. Being able to reach out across platforms using the same code is good for both the developer and the client. Using optimization in the right places can get you a well made project.


From advanced desktop projects, to mobile applications. Be in sync with the latest architecture with the reliability of Google’s own infrastructure¬†behind your idea.


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